As visitors to the “Coffit Club” fitness center, you agree to comply with the following rules for the club’s internal order.


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday from 07:00 to 21:30

Saturday – Sunday from 08:00 to 21:30

The fitness club closes at 22.00.

  1. Customers are registered at the reception with customer cards or pay one-off services.
  2. Customers using Multisport or Sodexo cards are required to provide an ID prior to each workout.
  3. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to train in the fitness club for safety reasons. Children between the age of 7 and 12 are allowed to train only with an attendant and signed a declaration by a parent guardian.
  4. Smoking in all premises of the center is forbidden.
  5. Food and drinks are allowed in the bar and cafe area.
  6. Persons who have used alcohol and drugs are not allowed.
  7. Customers are required to keep the property in the hall. In the case of damage to the inventory, it is paid in the amount of its value.
  8. A client who fails to observe the current rules, hygiene requirements, does not protect the property in the fitness center, or violates the training process of other clients will be asked to leave the club.
  1. Trainers should be in sportswear and clean sports shoes.
  2. During the workouts, towels are placed on the fitness equipment.
  3. Upon completion of the exercises, the trainees leave the weights at the designated places.
  4. Center trainees are responsible for their actions. In case of incident, “Coffit Club” is not responsible if the client has not trained with a personal instructor.
  1. Use of the sauna is available at the reception desk (preferably call us 30 minutes in advance)
  2. In the sauna children under 16 years of age are allowed only with an attendant and a signed declaration.
  3. Visitors should have a swimsuit.
  4. In the sauna just sit on a towel or bathrobe that is provided by the receptionist before entering.
  5. The use of oils and other lubricants is forbidden in the sauna.
  6. Visitors to the sauna are advised to take a shower beforehand.
Changing rooms
  1. Visitors receive a personal locker with a key from the receptionist.
  2. Lockers are available to customers only for the duration of their visit.
  3. The Gym is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal belongings left in the lockers. A free safe for personal belongings is provided for this purpose and is always opened by the customer and the receptionist.
Subscriptions cards
  1. Subscription cards are time-bound with unlimited access or a number of workouts.
  2. Subscription cards are personal and can not be provided to another.
  3. Subscription cards must be pre-submitted to the front desk by customers prior to training.

* Subscription cards allow access to the hall up to 2 hours and once a day. With the permission of a manager, the entry and training time may be extended.

For your personal comfort and for the comfort of our other clients, we ask you to keep clean in all rooms at the Fitness Cafe Club

Thank you for choosing a Coffit Club!